Voices about LISAS

“A note about the amazing artistry of duo LISAS: The consummate musicality of Lisa Rydberg and Lisa Långbacka provided an evening that I will never forget. They made the music come to life and enter into the hearts as well as the minds of everyone who heard them and reminded all of us of the enduring beauty of the folkloric traditions which have enriched Western classical music for centuries.

As a composer myself, every piece that they played made me wish that I had composed each one myself, but I knew if I had, no one else could play with such sensitivity except LISAS.

I think that any orchestra in the world would be able to create a whole new audience after hearing LISAS.”

        David Amram Composer-conductor-multi-instrumentalist, USA

About the album ”Fiddle and Accordion Conversations”:

“I am happy that Lisa and Lisa have made this record; there are so many of my own emotional currents that I come into contact with when I listen to it. Here, innovation in Swedish folk touches music from the early Baroque, as can be heard in the music of composers such as Samuel Scheidt and Johann Hermann Schein, an important precursor to Bach, and whose music was itself rooted in older folk music. The music on this album deals tenderly with different influences, creating a dense web. It requires things of you as a listener, but also gives so much back.”

        Fredrik Lindström, Writer, linguist and TV host, Sweden

 “I encountered LISAS at Folk Alliance in Kansas City, and was invariably struck by their intense musicality; it was the experience of hearing great moments of the clearest beauty.” 

         Bart Bull, journalist, USA

“Joyful, delicate, urgent, teasing, sombre and thoughtful. An unexpectedly beautiful pairing of the accordion and violin, each instrument soaring or supporting in an ever- changing dialogue.” 

        Ruth Sullivan, Foley Artist, Great Britain